I just got FB mail from the friend that will be doing the photography at our wedding! Our engagement pics are ready for pick up after five today!

We did our photo shoot a couple weekends ago at the fire department where my FI is a volunteer firefighter as well as at a local park in town. I can't wait to see these and I will surely post some teasers when I get the cd this evening! I'm uber excited! Here are some teasers:

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Pearl's Place Review

Pearl's Place Review
Wonderful customer service and very reliable and quick shipping. I can 't rave enough about this little boutique and definitely recomend it to anyone looking for some savings (they saved me $200 for my dress). I received my dress more than a month early. I will hopefully have more good reviews after we order the BM dresses from there.


It arrived today. I couldn't believe that it arrived so quickly as it wasn't supposed to be here until the end of November. A whole month early! If I had to have a wedding tomorrow, I could now. So have you guessed what I'm talking about yet? MY DRESS! It came today! I'm thrilled and excited, and many many many more emotions about this arrival. Of course no pictures here b/c my wonderful FI can navigate to this page. Please e-mail me if you want pictures @ jandmwedding2010@gmail.com ::SQUEALING:: :)

Envelope Lining

While I was in the mood for some wedding stuff this afternoon, I also got out the wrapping paper my mom and I bought to line the envelopes with. I was kind of nervous after I realized I have ivory envelopes and the paper was white. After completing one and seeing it in day light, I think it looks fine. I think for the rest, I'll change the direction of the liner so that the writings/graphics appear as if you were reading a book. I'm pleased with the outcome!


I designed the front of the RSVP postcard last evening. I'm pleased with the way it turned out. I used Scrapblog (www.Scrapblog.com)for the background and pulled the jpeg into Publisher to add the finishing touches. What do you think?

The back hasn't been designed yet as I was going to personalize each RSVP so guests will know exactly who is invited. I'm thinking I'll just order the postcards with a blank back from Vistaprint and print the back myself. We'll see!