Missing In Wedding Action

Hi everyone! I am very apologetic that I have been missing around here! We had our church revival all last week and it was late every night when I got in. I woke up last Friday morning with sinus issues and have been down and out with that until my meds really started working yesterday. I have made a pretty good little bit of progress along the lines of wedding planning progress, and we also have TONS of action along the lines of house progress. FI and his dad have really been working on the house the last couple of weeks. We did find an issue in the one room of the house we had planned to remodel after we moved in so we are now remodeling every room/aspect of the house. I'm very excited for everything to be finished so I can show you before and after pictures!

On the wedding front:
~ I finally paid of my wedding bands (first post about them can be found
here)! Good pictures to come when I can get a good picture of them.

~ I completed the printing on the back of the majority of our RSVP postcards (I'm waiting on a second batch of 100 to arrive from Vistaprint).

~ The brown paper that Hobby Lobby had to special order for me came in and I finished cutting all of those earlier this week. I get the rest of the invites assembled.
~ My sister and I found the coolest decorating idea for the fellowship hall windows! I'm anxious for the tulle I ordered from
CODWholesale to arrive so we can experiment with these!!! We plan to use fishing wire to hang 4-6 individual tulle poofs at varying lengths from the tulle covered curtain rods.

~ We also nailed down how we're going to decorate the pews at the ceremony!

The Sanctuary we're getting married in looks almost IDENTICAL to the one in the above picture. I love the lights in the tulle and will probably go with that look!

On the house front:

Since we're having to fix the bathroom now as well (this was unintended; we planned to wait and build on to the back of the house where the bathroom is when we started a family, but we found a few things and decided it was best to go ahead and tackle this project now as well). I made a quick little layout of the the house for it's before and after layout:

So Close I Can Taste It...

I am so close to being finished with assembling these invitations! I have about 60 more to assemble and I can get that done pretty quickly if Hobby Lobby would call me back letting me know if they have my paper in yet. ::Sigh:: I can't wait to be finished with them and get them in the mail, out of my sight & reach. They have been a labor of love! I hope to get my RSVP Postcards from Vistaprint this week so I can start printing the backs of them. Then I'll be printing envelopes, lining the envelopes, then stuffing them. Oh yes...it's so close I can taste it!


Yea girls! Guess what today is??

That's right...it's only 99 days until I get married! I'm very excited; not only about the 99 days, but because my friend aMa helped me cut & put together some invitations, it's snowing like CRAZY here right now, I paid off and got my rings today, and I'm getting ready to go out for a Valentine's dinner with my FI's mom, dad, and two cousins. I had a very exciting day and I can't wait to share pictures with you later! Trust me, there will be pictures later. If I don't get back this weekend, I hope you all have a spectacular Valentine's Day with whomever you choose to spend it with!

I am finally delivering those pictures I promised :)

A Post...That's All I've Got!

I don't have much wedding related for you girls...

Hop on over to the workout bio/blogs that I've been participating in. Several of my fellow wedding club members (May 2010) have joined together to create a support system for the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workouts. I think it's very helpful to me for one, but it's also great to see how the other girls are doing along their journey and to encourage them when they need it!

Here is what I'm looking at:

Blog readers, you may be asking your self, "Self, what the heck is she looking at?" To yourself, I answer, my invitations that need to be assembled. :-\ I'm going to go cut a few of the brown layers so I don't have such a hefty job tomorrow evening. My wonderful friend, aMa, is going to be helping me assemble some of these bad boys Friday...so busy I must get!


I made two COMPLETE invitations tonight!

Hobby Lobby only had 49 sheets of the chocolate brown paper I need to layer my invites, so I bought what they had and placed a special order for the rest. I printed the lines to cut by on the paper I had and started cutting. I wanted to make sure, before I printed all 49 sheets, that I had the dimensions correct and so I completed two of my invites. Of course I included pictures below!

I'm starting to impress myself with knocking things off the list :) Woo-hoo for another almost check!

Paper Progress

Today was a very productive day for me! I knocked out some MAJOR DIY Paper stuff!

First off, my invites, in all their glory! Very happy to have finished cutting all 150 of these, now I have to get the brown paper from Hobby Lobby and get those cut! :-\ ::sigh::

My second major achievement today was getting all of the belowcut out! What are these you maybe asking yourself...Envelope Liners! I couldn't decide on one paper to line with, so I'm doing some f both! I LOVE it and am THRILLED that I got all of these finished today as well. So, starting Monday, I have 150 envelopes to line...and this I would like to finish sometime this week.



Hi all! I decided to work on some wedding stuff today since it was nasty out with the snow/ice/rain. I put together the girls' bouquets (as sort of a rough draft) for my sister to make look better :P I was bored and just wanted to do something wedding, other than cut invitations. I have pictures below, but while we're talking wedding...FI and I were talking about it being February already. Invites go out in March! I can't believe it...for more than a year now I've worked on wedding things off and on and now I'm just shocked that it all needs to start falling together. Wow...I think I'm going to try and get the rest of our invites cut tonight before I go to sleep...I can at least feel a little accomplished.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Do you followers like? This may not be the final version as my sister will make any changes that need to be made! :) I do love my sister!

Another Post today

I got a little bored with tissue paper. I designed a new RSVP postcard front. My new creation, one that I am much more comfortable with because the reading can be seen more easily, is seen below compared side-by-side to the old design.
What do you think wedding friends?


Nothing very interesting here lately. I have been folding tissue paper for the pew pomanders...a very daunting task that needs to be done. So, here I am watching the new shows on ABC Family and folding tissue paper, cutting floral wire, and cutting tissue paper...Enjoy your Monday evening!