We're Married

Hey bloggy friends! I'm sorry I haven't been here to share what's going on in our life! It was a very hectic couple of days (Friday & Saturday) but I'm thrilled to tell you that the wedding went off without a hitch! Everything was beautiful....better than I could have ever imagined! I don't have many pictures, other than the ones that were taken with my camera throughout the day (no ceremony pics). My HUSBAND and I are getting ready to head off to bed for the night, so I'll have to share some of the pictures tomorrow! Keep your eyes peeled....

Final Countdown...

2 more days; one of which I count as half a wedding day since we'll be decorating & rehearsing. 

Last night FI took took me over to our house and pleasantly surprised me with ELECTRICITY! I house has power now and that means we can continue to work there (not until after the honeymoon) when it gets dark! 

My list of errands/chores for today (Thursday - 2 days till wedding bliss):
1) get ring cleaned
2) bake & decorate grooms cake
3) get mani/pedi
4) wash all my clothes
5) pack for the honeymoon
6) make FI's truck payment
7) take pans to mammy for reception food
8) load everything for the wedding into the Jeep (separated by Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall)
9) make reserved signs for bridal party tables
10) print pictures for card box
11) make card box (this one is all on FI....if he doesn't get it done, we won't be having it! he's had more than 3 months to get this project completed!)
I'm pleased to say that I'm done with this list with the exception of packing, baking the cake, & loading everything for the wedding into the Jeep, which I'm working on all three as I type this (I'm a great multitasker :P). 

My list of errands/chores for tomorrow (Friday - 1 days till wedding bliss):
1) get a tarp to put the chicken on in the cooler
2) wilkesboro to pick up the chicken for reception
3) leave chicken @ Carla's in the cooler
4) check with Carla about the rolls
5) pick-up bridal portrait from D. Kirby Photography
6) decorate the sanctuary first
7) decorate the fellowship hall
9) eat & enjoy friends & family
10) REST & SLEEP!!!!

I'm pretty pleased with how everything has went down...smoothly and without issue! I'm sure there will be some problems arise tomorrow and even Saturday, but I know that all will be OK because regardless of what happens, I'm still going to be FI's wife @ the end of the day Saturday and that's all that matters! 

5 days

5 days to go :)

Here go my updates:
1) had a successful trial bouquet run for my bridal portraits Friday & my flowers are still gorgeous today!

2) finished up our programs Friday afternoon/evening

3) finally finished the ring bearer pillow Saturday morning

4) finished up the escort card display last night

5) started separating everything into ceremony/reception totes/boxes for delivery on Friday morning

6) Bought all the plates, cups, and silverware at Sam's this weekend. 
7) printed the vellum for memory candles and attached them to glass vases (forgot to take a picture before I packed them up).
8) I finished up the pomanders today as well...but I didn't take a picture of them either!
9) Printed the labels for our centerpieces
10) I also made the guestbook sign


I decided since I can't ever stop at home long enough to show you some pictures that I'd just bring my camera to work and add them to the blog before everything gets so busy!

We'll start with the ring bearer pillow flower. I bought it at Hobby Lobby (50% $1.47) and decided to try and tea dye it. It worked perfectly! Here is the flower that will be added to the ring bearers pillow in the next couple of days:

Here's the garter that I bought from a fellow knottie that didn't use it. It was white & boring when it arrived so I decided to srpuce it up a little! This will stand in as my something blue (along with my flowers). This isn't a very good picture showing the true color but you get the point. I used Dylon Bahama Mama dye to make this beauty!

I have pictures from my 'final fitting' but I can't share them...FI would see. I'll share them after the wedding :)

And lastly, I have pictures from my bachelorette party!
Meet my sister & MOH, S!
Meet my childhood friend & bridesmaid, A.
Meet me...the bride :)
Meet my childhood friend and bridesmaid, Lail, trying to show me how to work that lingerie!
And here's Lail in her normal state :)
Meet my childhood friend and bridesmaid, Lis.
And this is my high school friend and attendant, aMa.
My other attendant (Mia) wasn't able to make the party because she was sick...SHE'S PREGNANT and we're so excited for her & her husband!

Now that I've finally showed you all the pictures from my camera I can stop feeling guilty for not having good updates with pictures :) FI is going to be painting the house today, I'm pretty sure...so hopefully I'll have pictures of our newly built (the inside at least) house with some color/personality to it! :)

11 days to go...

Yes, you read the correct, 11 days until we say "I do." It's safe to say that I'm still not nervous, only full of excitement, and that FI is still nervous. hehe

The sheet rock team finished up yesterday morning by sanding all the sheet rock mudd to give us a nice smooth level surface to paint over. We made our trip to Lowe's yesterday afternoon to get all of our paint (we picked out our paint colors before we started having showers because EVERYONE was asking what colors we were going to use) and primer and ceiling paint, etc. After a heartbreaking $413.00 bill, FI left headed to the house to start painting. We completed painting all of the ceilings and are pretty pleased with our progress. We don't have the power turned on in the house yet, or I could have started wiping down the walls and priming them when FI went to fire meeting. On the agenda next: FI is working his 24-hr shift at EMS so he won't be working at the house any tonight, and I have to take his pants to exchange them tonight & get his best man a shirt, so I MIGHT get back in enough time to wipe the walls down.

As for the wedding, planning has pretty much been finalized. I fully intended to finish printing the programs last night until I ran out of ink :-\ I am putting below my last to-do list before now & the wedding 9**I HOPE**).
- sew the flower on the ring bearer pillow
- finish printing page 4 of the program
- assemble the programs
- buy tablecloth roll for rehearsal dinner (Party City)
- print & attach vellum to memory candles
- print the labels for the centerpieces
- finish fluffing the tissue paper flowers (which I do during my free time at work)
- complete the pomanders (stick tissue paper flowers in the styrofoam ball & attach ribbon)
- get lights from Lauren for the aisle (buy more if needed)
- finish BM bouquets (put ivory ribbon on them)
- make sure everything is boxed up according to the location it will be used (ceremony/reception/rehearsal)
- trip to Sam's (silverware, plates, cups, food for rehearsal & reception)

I believe that's everything I have left to do. Hopefully it doesn't grow, because I could get most of this stuff knocked out in no time as they are such small tasks. I have pictures to share with you, at home, on my camera...they just can't seem to find there way off the camera on to the blog! Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll get you some pics of the DIY progress I've been making.


Hello everyone! I'm so excited as the time quickly passes getting me closer to the day I get to marry my love. As this time is quickly passing, I'm left with less time to get my projects done. Currently on the list: printing programs, dying the garter and the flower for the RB pillows, assembling programs, and fluffing out the tissue paper flowers. Tomorrow will be 2 week left until our wedding day; I'm oh so excited because I really don't have that much left to finish and FI is nervous, at least that's what he says. 

As for the house, the sheet rock is all hung, and will be sanded by the end of today. They will be back to do the ceilings and knock them down Monday. Now, we'll be painting this week coming up. I REALLY need to get the wedding stuff finished and put on the back burner until the wedding so I can be helping with the house as much as possible. 

I don't have pictures to share right now, but I will later :)

Paper Progress

Here we go. 
I finished the escort cards this evening.

I also am still in the process of printing programs, but I printed all of the first and last pages. Next step, print the inside pages and assemble!

I bought the flower to go on the ring bearer pillow and will be dying it soon (with tea/coffee, I hope) to make it ivory. 

I bought a garter and some bahama blue dye to make it my something blue. 

Bought scrapbook paper to use as our 'guest book' (stole the idea from my sister-in-law).

The labels for the centerpieces came so I need to design them and get them printed.

Tablecloths for Reception and tulle for the aisle came today.
Progress...it feels so good! :)


I'm so excited that I can say we are having sheet rock hung at our house this week! :) They should be done by the Friday (hopefully earlier, but I'll be pleased with Friday) so that we can start painting! :) I have looked through our studded up house for months now and I can't wait to see each room become a room. I don't have pictures yet, but I'm going to run over to the house tonight to see what they finished today, and I'll try to post a couple of the work in progress! Yay for house progress...
Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Other side of the Master Bathroom

1st closet in the Master Bedroom

2nd Closet in the Master Bedroom

Dining Room from the addition looking into the Living Room

Kitchen...it looks SO different than when we bought the house!