Have Your Cake

I haven't looked into anyone to make our cake but I do have a couple of people running through my head. When I started planning I seen that the 'in' thing at the time was monogram cake toppers, covered in bling. I talked with another knottie about either renting/buying hers after her wedding. Once she gave me the prices she would rent/sell for, I decided I could make my own topper for MUCH cheaper than what she even wanted to rent hers for. I set out on a mission to find the prettiest 'P' and finally decided last week. I ordered my DIY wooden cake topper from Crafty Eddy (craftyeddy@gmail.com) on Thursday. I decided to use Brock Sript and I will buy my rhinestones from ebay (the cheapest I've found). I'm very exicted for this to get here...although I shouldn't be working on it since school is back in session, I'm sure I'll have it done within a week or two.


I got together with my bridesmaids this weekend (after they received the Will You...BM cards) and discussed wedding things, including dresses. I found a dress last year when two of my BM's were getting married and I started to buy it to wear to their weddings, but I waited too long to order it. I showed them this dress and they all liked it! Woo-hoo! I'm going to call Pearl's Place (where I got my dress) and check the prices on them (the cheapest I've found them for was $112.50). I am almost sure that we can get those for less than $100 from PP! So, I'm off on the hunt to find the cheapest place to get this dress:
Lavender BM Dress

Ordered My Dress

I should have posted this Tuesday, but I just didn't. I decided to go ahead and order my dress through Pearl's Place for $544) plus shipping @ $12/$20). I'm very excited...obviously since I've posted about my dress three out of the last four posts

One of Jason's family members called me at work yesterday morning and informed me that wedding apparel is included in the tax free weekend...so I may be ordering the veil from DB's this weekend as well!
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My sister bought the cutest fabric with the characters from Cars on it to match A's (my nephew) room. She asked me to make a blanket and of course I said yes :)! I come over to make it last night, and I completed it all in about 5 hours. This was the first time I've made a blanket used the fabric as the binding of the blanket and I've decided that it's how I'll probably make any blanket from now on. Here are some pictures!

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