Planning/DIY Withdrawals

Wow...I'm very wedding planning boring right now :(
I was hanging up some laundry this evening after I finished my LAST Advanced Accounting assignment this evening and seen the wrapping paper that I will be using to line the envelopes. It seriously gave me DIY projects & overall wedding planning withdrawals! Two weeks from today, I should ::fingers crossed:: be free from all school obligations, as I should have walked across the stage as I graduate with my Bachelor's in Accounting.

Graduation Anticipation 2

If you read my first graduation post you know that I had much to do before I could graduate in two weeks.
As of now, I get to move one Obstacle to the Accomplishment list and add another Obstacle to the list.

Obstacle 1: Advanced Accounting Chapter 17 Assignment (due Dec 3)

Obstacle 2: Business Policy 7 page research paper (due Dec 7)

Obstacle 3: Take Business Communication Final (Dec. 5)

Obstacle 4: Receive graduation attire (I ordered it late by accident & put it in as RUSH order :-x)

Accomplishment 1: Excempt from American Lit. final!

Accomplishment 2: Advanced Accounting research paper complete!

Accomplishment 3: Advanced Accounting Chapter 10-12 test completed!


Update: So, my dad and FI liked the pie with the exception of it being very very rich (which I'm sure was the chocolate topping). Other than that, it was a great dessert!

For our Thanksgiving dinner I decided I wanted to try a new dessert recipe. I LOVE baking things, but it just so happens that this dessert didn't need baking. You can find the recipe here.
I tasted the filling that went inside the pie and it tasted like Reece's to me...which is a good thing since FI loves Reese's Peanut Butter cups! I'll let you know what the fam thinks about this new dessert after all of our shopping is over tomorrow!
Here is what the finished product looks like:

NWR: Shop til your Drop?

It's two days 'till Thankgiving...making it three days 'till Black Friday! Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite times of the year. Family, food, fun, and's priceless. After Thanksgiving come Black Friday, which my sister and I made a tradition two years ago. It's such fun taking a one hour nap between cleaning up from dinner and shopping! We love getting out and being amist all of the people and the fury. Previous years we've really had something to go for, but this year, I'm pretty much money'd out from the wedding and I think there are only a couple of gifts she is looking for (that we think she can get online). "Are you crazy? You don't need to get out in the crowds DAT (day-after-thanksgiving) to buy any toys/present. Are you still going?" you say...WHY YES! We've still decided to go this year. I'm really in the mood to have a Christmas tree for our new house (which is still torn to shreds at this time). Here is where I keep track of all the deals that are going to be's a great site, so check it out!

Are you planning to go shopping early DAT? If so, what are you headed out for?

Daisy Clark | A Dog Named Christmas

UPDATE: If you're interested in seeing this new movie, it will be showing on the Hallmark channel on Sunday November 29, 2009. Check your local listings time!

I entered my sweet little schnauzer in a contest...I'm not expecting her to win but I like doing things like this every once in awhile. Feel free to vote for the cutie pie!

Count down...

As I sit here this evening, working on homework (as usual), I am full of excitement about what a 'milestone' today is. So what makes today a 'milestone?' Today, we have reached the 6 month mark in our wedding countdown! I have been telling everyone I've seen today that would care anything about the wedding, "Only six months from today!" It seems like only last week we set our date, my wedding ticker said 1 year 4 months until we're married, and the FI was making fun of me for planning so far ahead!

So, in honor of this day, I'm going to finish this h/w early and reward myself with some wedding stationary designing! :)

Graduation Anticipation

As my last semester of undergraduate school comes to an end, I find myself overwhelmed with projects, exams, and Senioritis [defined by Wikipedia as "a colloquial term used in the United States to describe the decreased motivation toward studies displayed by students who are nearing the end of their middle school, high school, college and graduate school careers (Senioritis)"].

So, in hopes of motivating myself, I'm making a sort of "to-do" graduation list!

Obstacle 1: I have an APA formatted, 10 page research paper due for my Business Policy class (status: outline completed).

Obstacle 2: A comparison paper of US GAAP standards and IFRS for my Advanced Accounting class (status: untouched).

Accomplishment 1: I did, however, accomplish high grades in my American Literature class which exempt from the final (::fingers crossed:: I will find out Monday for sure, but I've been pretty on it for that class!).

If I can only make it through December 5th to complete all of my course work and make it to my December 14th graduation, I can finally put myself into wedding planning bliss :)

Family Photos

From my friends family photoshoot for her parents' Christmas present.
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Hope you enjoy them!

Kodak Products

Way back when I first started ordering my pictures through online services, I used Kodak. I haven't really used them much at all since I discovered Shutterfly, also way back when. I recently received ane-mail from them about their "Million thanks giveaway." I decided I would give them a try again since they did give me a $15 credit for their new site. I orderd a few 5X7 prints, which I was imprssed by the quality, and a mousepad. I had never ordered a mousepad from a photosite so I decided to try it. It arrived this morning and I'm pleased with the final product; not SUPER impressed by the quality of the pictures on the mousepad, which could have resulted from using less than ideal quality images of FI and I. Nonetheless, it's a cool new thing that has a functional use in my office now :)

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Photoshare Cards & Mad Libs

So, many weeks ago I received my Mad Lib cards as well as the Photoshare cards that I ordered from VistaPrint. They turned out just as I had imagined they would, PERFECT! :) I've had these for weeks and still haven't managed to take pictures of them so I found them this morning in my wedding planning bag and decided to snap a few camera phone photos of them.
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