Working In Progress

I'm working on today:

Table Name Cards
BM Bouquets (wrapping the stems)
Maybe the card box since FI keeps putting it off :P

I scheduled my bridal portrait session and hair trial this week, so that's something else I can mark off the to-do list! Hopefully I'll be back with pictures this evening of my accomplishments! 


Our unity candle holder! I'm in LOVE! It's absolutely beautiful in person and will be for sale after the wedding! 

I tried my hand at making the tissue paper poms to hang from the ceiling in the fellowship hall. We'll see how it goes. 
 Just to show you how big it really is. 
 My rings all together! 
My love's ring!
 And our rings together!
And here are what few pictures I got from my third shower on Saturday:
The LOADED food tables!
 And my sweet nephew, also one of our ring bearers! 

Table Names

I was talking to my sister this morning about the escort cards and table names and I decided that I'd do something very unique to FI and I for the table names. For now, i'm going to keep it a secret. But if you know how to get to my planning site, you can see them there (link in siggy on I'm very excited about making these and everyone seeing them! Hobby Lobby even has their pape ron sale this week, so I'm probably going to head down Friday to grab more of my brown & ivory paper to make the table name cards as well as get more blue & purple paper for the programs. I took pictures last night to add to the post below, but I never added them; I'll try my best to add them tonight :)

Weekend Recap

I did NOT want to get out of my bed this morning, which I can say is the first morning I've felt that way in what feels like weeks! My bed actually felt oh so comfy for the first time in several days (if not a couple of weeks). I did manage to get myself to roll out of bed, get ready and I was surprisingly the first person at work this morning and I was on time! I come bearing updates from what seemed like a one day weekend.


Friday, FI was at work (for his normal 24-hr shift) and I was at around town during the morning running errands. The first, and most important errand to me, was getting my hair trimmed and from there I stopped by the jewelry store where our wedding bands were ready to be paid for/picked up. Check number one for the day! I now have in possession three wedding bands (two for me, one for him) that will make our marriage official in 26 days! I also ran by Staples while I was in town and picked up some ivory paper to go in the middle of my blue/purple paper for the programs; check number two! After picking up our bands& stoping by Staples, I headed home to start on some wedding projects while watching the remainder of Season 1 Disc 1 of Grey's Anatomy. Check number three was sewing the ribbon onto the ring bearer pillow! This took longer than expected because the ribbon kept fraying at the ends where I was sewing, but I overcame that obstacle for another DIY task completed! The last bit of DIY that I can successfully put on the COMPLETED list is the layout of our Programs. I started printing the front and back pages on the blue/purple paper (check number four), but I'm holding off on printing the inside pages for a couple of different reasons of which we hope to finalize/settle this week.


Saturday I was pretty much lazy most of the day just because I could be and I worked semi-hard getting some wedding things done the day before. I went to the PO to hopefully find more RSVP's waiting for me (and there were three there). Took a nap, then it was off to another shower being hosted by my lovely sister & mother. We had a great time, lots of people, lots of great food, and LOTS of presents which filled up the rest of the basement at my parents house. I'm not real sure where we're going to put anything we get at our church shower this weekend because seriously, we have been WAY too blessed with the generosity of our friends and family! We received a tons of great things, here are some I can remember off the top of my head:

- another set of our dishes (we've got two sets so now we can host up to 8 people)
- 2 sets silverware from Target that sure does look good with our dishes
- the small glasses to match our dishes (his family got the large glasses match our dishes)
- our stainless steel kitchen canisters
- a set of pyrex dishes
- dish towels (FINALLY! We hadn't gotten any until now)
- sheets for both our bed as well as the guestroom bed
- a lovely shower curtain (thanks to my sister-in-law who obviously listens well, since I was admiring her EXACT one a while back! :D)

I could go on and on and on...but honestly you would be here all day listening. I was overwhlemed at the gifts we recieved. Immediately leaving the shower we headed to the store to get gorceries to make food for our homecoming at church the next day.


All I can say about Sunday was that is was an awesome day in the Lord! And today, I'm at work, reluctantly, but I'm here. I hope to add some pictures to this post as well as the previous post this evening.

I hope everyone has a great Monday!

Friday Progress

I have a ton of exciting updates to share...well at least they're exciting for me! 

This week we hit our 1 month mark (yesterday actually). I'm still very excited and he says he is nervous :) Sweet huh?

I had my hair trimmed this morning for the first time in over a year!

I went to the jewelry store and picked up (paid for FI's ring) our wedding bands! I got him there last Friday to have his finger sized, they ordered the ring and it had arrived by Monday! I'm so excited about having our wedding bands! :)

I sewed the ribbon onto the ring bearer pillow and now I just need to find a cute flower to put on the top with some ribbon to hold "the rings."

I bought some ivory paper to start printing the programs, but I haven't actually started printing them yet. Hopefully I'll get started on those this evening since FI is working today. 

I ordered a photo book from Shutterfly (I had a 50% & free shipping code) and it arrived this week as well! It's great!!

I ordered two pieces of attire for myself for the wedding day and it arrived yesterday! :)

I also hope to get started on Thank You notes for the two showers we've had because we have another tomorrow and I don't want to be writing thank you notes the week before the wedding or on the honeymoon at that!

I found some cute shoes for the wedding day online at JcPenny! I also had a coupon code for 20% off as well as a $10 credit from where we spent so much when we bought the GM's outfits! Total for my wedding day shoes = $12.87. Successful in finding cheap shoes!

I'm ordering the tablecloths for the reception tonight!

I'm in the process of purchasing a normal guestbook and garter from another bride that decided not to use them, only $4!!!

I'm also buying our Unity Candle Holder from another bride in the next day or two! 

I've been making tissue paper flowers throughout the week, so I'm making progress with the pomanders. 

My RSVP deadline is quickly approaching (only 8 days to get it in the mail guests...PLEASE send them back! We want to have enough food for you to eat at the reception) and I'm anxious for the 207 remaining people to send in their meal choice or regrets!

Wow...that looks like a lot of progress! :) I love it! Now I'm off to get some stuff done! I hate that I don't have any pictures to show you...maybe I can come back with some tonight!

Band Together

This weekend was one with little progress house or wedding wise. We were busy with a bbq fundraiser at the fire department where my love works and then yesterday was his birthday and church. Needless to say, we did accomplish a few tasks!

- FFIL finished the plumbing in our house so now we are ready to hang sheet rock. :) yay!

- I finished stringing and glueing on the beads to our serving set (see a seperate post about that here).
- I FINALLY got FI to go to the jewelry store to be sized for his band. We went ahead and purcahsed it Friday while we were there. Needless to say, it was MUCH more expensive than we thought it was going to be, but still half the price of my two bands.

Here is the site with full information about and I didn't get a real shot of the ring, but here is the stock photo from the makers site.

I do have to say that the ring we seen in the store was no where near this shiny; it's tungston carbide and has a lifetime warranty. I have to admit that I got giddy in the store when he decided which band he wanted :) Today marks 33 days until I marry my love!

This evening I'll be working on tissue paper flowers and deciding exactly how I'm going to do the programs. I have the template created, some blue & purple paper, but I'm not sure how/what I'm going to print them on. Hopefully I'll have more updates tomorrow!

Serving Set

Wow...I'm relieved to be finished with these! It wasn't that bad to string all the beads on the fishing wire, but it was a pain trying to get them on the serving set. Nonetheless, I completed the knife today and can wash and throw these things in a box and forget about them until May 22. Now I'll be working on tissue paper flowers to finish up the 8 pomanders I have to make! :)
EDIT: I forgot to mention, in case anyone was wondering) that the server set was bought from Ross (I think) by my mother who came across it one day and picked it up for me!

Shower Numero Dos

Hello everyone! I had to come by and post some pictures and updates from the shower that my work had for me today! I got some goodies from our Target registry, which I was surprised about! We got our lovely clock (which I think it in a picture below), some kitchen stuff including our stainless steel timer and our salt/pepper shakers, as well as some bathroom goodies such as our towels and shower curtain! I'm so thankful for the people I work with! And now, for my favorite part of a!

Our First Shower

I'm back with updates!

We had our first shower this weekend (hosted by FI's family) and we got a ton of great things for our house (many things for our kitchen)! Here are a few of the gifts we received:

- 4 place settings (and 6 glasses to match!)
- Paula Dean pots & pans (that are AQUA!)
- Electric Griddle
- Pyrex dishes with carrying case
- Lots of different items for our kitchen (measuring cups and spoons, cooking utensils, dawn dishwashing liquid, hand soap, paper towels, toilet paper, etc, etc.)

We're very thankful for everything we received and we absolutely CAN NOT wait to use these in our new house! :) I have pictures to share, of course!!


My wonderful FI and brother worked at the house yesterday! :) They stuffed insulation all day and got it all put in. FI's dad has most of the plumbing done, only our .5 bath left to finish. So, I'm sure you can guess was comes next....hanging sheet rock! Woo-hoo! Once the sheet rock goes up we can start with everything else: light fixtures, inside doors, know all the little stuff. :) Our house may be ready to move into right after the wedding after all!

I'm thankful to God for the small things too!

This one is for my sister...

Easter Pictures

Here is a sneak peak friends!

And some of my faves from the Cox Family: