Big Lots!

I had to go out this morning to get my hair cut so I decided to have lunch with my mother afterwards. On my way home I stopped by Big Lots (since my granny was working) and decided to get the fifth centerpiece vase (see previous post) and two floating candle bowls that matched them. My granny bought them for me, with her discount, so I got them for $8 a piece instead of $10! Woot woot for six dollar savings! Below is a picture of the floating candle bowl...I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them just yet...but I'm sure I can find somewhere to put them at the reception!
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DIY Unity Candle

I looked at Hobby Lobby's website on Monday and seen that they were having 50%their Bridal stuff. I decided I had to make it down there to see if there was anything that I could use! Unfortunately, I didn't find anything in their bridal section that I really cared for so I decided to check out their candles (which were also 50%!). I got everything for our Unity Candle for the ceremony as well as two floating candles (one white & one ivory) to see if they would fit the glass cylinder vases I've been looking at from the Dollar Tree. I also HAD to stop at Staples on my way back home to get some vellum so I could experiment with our monogram and the candle before I called it a night!! I printed out the monogram that we had decided on and I didn't think it looked right on the candle. Crisis averted: I created another monogram that I think looks better!


Unity Candle - DIY

Nothing is set on the candle for sure, I just have it pinned in the back...just enough to keep me feeling like I'm not being so unproductive when it comes to wedding planning. Yea...that picture is crooked, my bad.

Spring Break!

Spring break was this week and I decided to a little wedding shopping to fill my Friday off. I've been eyeing these vases at Big Lots for a month or so now and I decided that I would go ahead get them. I had only budgeted for 4 since that's all I thought they had, but I got in there and they had 5. I stuck with only the 4 for this trip but decided I'll look for the fifth one next time I'm in there. These vases are anniversary vases from Hallmark that were priced at $35/each but I got them for a steal at $10/each!

There was also a grand opening in our town for a store called Carolina Pottery. I decided to check them out since I had never heard of them and I found our toasting flutes in there. I got these at what I think was a steal for $1.49/each. I love the stems!


Ceremony & Reception Venue booked!

So, today I went and looked over the church and reception area that we were conemplating using for our May 22, 2010 wedding. We talked about and asked our questions and we booked it! Now it is officially official and we can start telling people our date! We just have to get a final price on the ceremony location (reception veue is only $50 :) YAY!) and then get that paid for!

Next big step, photographer!