Checking In

Hello blog followers! I'm dropping by to let you know.....there has been no progress on the wedding front so far this week.

Recently completed item (hehe, only one thing to share!):
- Separated the candy into blue, purple, pink and put 15/20 candies in each bag.

Still need to complete:
- Ceremony Programs
- Buy tulle to line the aisle
- Borrow lights to line the aisle
- Make many more pomanders
- Wrap the wreaths with ribbon
- Find unity candle holder
- Perfect the BM bouquets
- Talk to the florist about my bouquet
- Figure out how to make boutonnières
- Find a guest book & pen
- Make "In Memory of" candles
- Mail sheet music to pianist
- Choose the rest of music for Ceremony (pre-wedding music, bridal party entrance, my entrance, and recesional)
- Find stand/table for unity candle to sit on
- Make ring bearer pillow
- Slideshow (maybe)
- Order table clothes for all tables for Reception
- Get flowers to finish centerpieces
- Buy drinks and dinnerware for Reception
- Buy garter
- Finish making tulle poofs for windows (Reception)
- Finalize Cake details
- Print & assemble coloring books for the young ones

I think that's it for now, at least that's all that I have on my list. I'm sure it will grow in the next few weeks, but I hope to get some of this stuff knocked off the list since I have a 4-day weekend coming up!

Wedding Photos

As Promised....Pictures!

I come bearing many pictures.

Pictures of attire for the groom, groomsmen, and ring bearers.
Groom will be in the blue, all groomsmen will be in the lavender.
Our three ring bearers will be wearing this outfit, maybe with khaki pants instead of the shorts (FI isn't fond of them wearing shorts in church).

I'll be adding some pictures from a bestie's wedding (tomorrow)! Enjoy!

Attire Check

I'm SOOOO excited and relieved to mark another task off the to-do list! FI and I went tonight to find suit pants for him and the GM's tonight and we found them @ JcPenny! We found the pants so quickly that we moved on to picking out shirts for all the GM & FI and got all of them with the exception of the Best Man's b/c they didn't have the color to match the MOH's dress. Our gift to the GM are their ties, so we found ties for everyone tonight as well...and they match the pattern on FI's tie! :) I'll have to wait and post pictures tomorrow!

I HIGHLY recommend brides looking for khaki suits (ours were linen look pants by Stafford) to check out JcPenny! We got the pants for $34/each (on sale & we used a coupon) making the total cost for each GM only $51! :)

::beaming with joy::

My sister and I are heading to a warehouse sale tomorrow for Shoe Show and I'm hoping to find me and FI some shoes to wear for the wedding. Maybe I'll have more than just groom/groomsmen pants/shirts/ties to share tomorrow! :)


We've finally picked two definite songs that we'll be using during the ceremony. Here is the first one (it will be used during our Unity Candle lighting and possibly a short slideshow of us.

Here is the second one that we've made a definite decision on. We'll be playing this one as our parents enter the church.

To Veil, or Not to Veil...

I have struggled with this for a while now and I really need to get choose one way or the other. I'm not 100% sure about how to wear my hair until I go for my trial and see how it works out, but I've chosen to do a side pony. Something along the lines of this:
Only with a flower like this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Or a veil like this:
Or both like this:
The first bride only wore a veil (from what I can tell) and it looks just fine. The second bride above used a hair fascinator AND a veil, and I think it looks fine together as well. I just can't decide what to do. Maybe I'll get a veil and a fascinator to take to my hair trial and decide what to do then...that makes the most sense I guess.

How are you wearing your hair? Have you decided veil/no veil?


Countdown continuation....60 days to go! That's only 2 months...

::Counting, breathing deeply::

Well, that was my attempt at trying not to stress about the short amount of time that stands between me and my fiance becoming husband & wife. I don't think my to-do list is all that long, it just seems like there is so much to do between now and May 22. I think I've put so much into planning and getting DIY stuff done early that I don't have that many projects/tasks to complete before the wedding. As much as I have wished for time to F-L-Y since last January, it has done just that.

I need to figure out a way to calm down about everything. So, tonight when I get home I'm going to sit down and think about every aspect of the wedding, what we'll need, if I've already finished it or need to complete it, and try to get as much as possible squared away. We'l see how that goes...I'll try to bring you an update tomorrow!

NWR: Pete + April

I met with this couple from my church today...they haven't had pictures taken together since they were married...7 years ago! It was about time they had more pictures taken and I was happy to do it for them.

Here's your sneak peak April! Hope you enjoy them!

More to come soon!

Invitations: Ready 2 Go

Thanks to the help of 4 sweet women and two little boys, my invitations are stuffed, sealed (and will be stamped Monday). I can't tell you what a relief it was to get those things ready to send out. I often wondered when I read other girls' posts about their invites if they could really be a labor of love; absolutely. They have certainly been a labor of love and I'm kind of sad to see them go but very excited to make the wedding official to all of our guests! As I sit here typing this, I'm excited to start seeing the RSVP's come in and begin imagining with whom our special day will be shared.

I'm sure my future mother-in-law (pictured above) will be thrilled to see that I posted this picture of her :P

Lisa, Angie, Cindy, Nikki, Ty, & Zack...I appreciate all of your help (and putting up with my picky ways) Thursday evening and trust me...I will appreciate your help when it gets down to 2 weeks until wedding time and you're all helping make tissue paper flowers!!! :) I love you guys!

House Update

I don't have any new wedding related news to share right now but I do have pictures to show of the house and how it's coming along, because it is coming along quiet nicely.

Here is the back of what our house used to look like and of course what it looks like now. It's more finished now than it was when I took this picture (I haven't made it by there to take updated pics in a day or two). We raised the roof (literally :P) to give us more head space in the master bath and in the meantime added a .5 bath on the opposite side of the house and extended our dining room.
This picture here gives you a better idea of what we did to the back (raised the roof).
Here is what used to be our will now be a .5 bath on the end of the house and an extension of our dining room in the middle.

And of course I have pictures all of these men working...

Belly Band Success!

I am here to announce that I have had achieved victory over the belly bands. I'm thrilled to have knocked all of these out! Of course I have pictures...and I'll be adding a tutorial to my bio tonight or tomorrow.

Check out all those belly glad I'm finished making them. Here's one by itself. Pretty good for a last minute decision to make these!

I also made some more poofs, but I don't have any pictures of them yet. I'll be helping plan a little party most of the day tomorrow, so it's a good thing I made so much progress tonight!

Looking forward to tomorrow...hopefully a post showing some of the progress we've made on our house! It's very exciting and I can't wait to share!

Checkity check check!

I have more to share than the exciting news that my bridesmaid dresses are in but I can't share it just yet! I also have pictures to show you and checks to share, but for now you'll have to wait!

Here I am again, back to share pictures and checks!!

I tried my hand at making the tulle poofs in my bio...not as easy as I had planned but they're made exactly like the tissue paper flowers I'm making. They will look nice hanging from the windows in the fellowship hall!
I started and finished making the tags for the favor bags we decided to go with instead of doing a candy buffet. They were super easy and I was completely finished with them in a couple of hours. My mom had a really cool tool that I was able to attach the tags to the bags with. I'll post instructions in my bio later.
Here we have the cricut cutting the brown squares that go on the belly band to keep the invites closed. It was very easy to have the cricut cut these, I printed our monogram on ivory paper and placed them atop the brown layer with the ribbon between (no pictures of that just yet). The belly bands are taking longer to make than I expected and I don't have but 1.5 weeks to finish those so I can mail the invites the week of March 22.

And here are the invitations that went in the mail today. I only mailed out the invites for those who are invited to the rehearsal dinner. All the rest will be going out in about 11 or 12 days. I honestly can't wait to see them go.

Cross it off...

Thanks to my sister, we can mark another task off the to-do list! She was showing me some pictures of outfits she wanted to get A to wear for Easter and we ended picking one of the outfits for the ring bearers to wear in the wedding.

I'm IN LOVE with this and think our three little ring bearers will be too cute in them. They will complete the look with a pair of brown flip flops/sandals (depending on age/mothers preference). I can see it now...:)

House Update

If you're from North Carolina, you know that much of the state received some snow yesterday! I was beyond excited to see it snowing. FI called and asked me to come to Lowe's to pick out our front door for him, his dad, and my brother were going to put in. Since it was snowing pretty hard, I decided to head on home when we left Lowe's because the snow was laying everywhere in Lenoir. It was really a winter wonderland and I smiled and thanked God for the entirety of my trip home. Once I arrived home, it seemed like it took 5 hours to get the door put in. Nevertheless, through the hard work of 3 and the brains of 6, our new door went in! I can't believe I didn't take a picture from the outside after it was complete, but I'll get one and post it later.
This is what we've had as our 'front door' the past month or so, a locked screen door.
Needless to say, I was pleased to see a REAL front door go up! We purchased a Schlage door handle and deadbolt lock, the thickest bolt available. :P
UPDATE: I drove by the house and took a picture with the new door :) Don't mind the wood and mess in the lower portion of the photo!

Invitation Victory

::sigh:: I'm please and thrilled to inform all of my bloggie friends that I have accomplished a HUGE DIY task. Last night I finished printing the envelopes for my invitations!!!!!! The invitation process has been a very huge work-in-process for months now. The last thing(s) to be completed for these babies is to put the RSVP cards inside each invite, close them, tie a piece of ribbon around them, maybe add a monogrammed square atop the ribbon and stuff them babies in an envelope!

I have mostly enjoyed this process, but I will be ecstatic to throw them in the mail box (and by throw, I mean gently & carefully carry them into the nice man at the post office so he can just throw them in a bag!).

I do have to apologize to my bloggie friends as I have been lacking on not only posting here but also putting pictures with my posts. I'm taking the pictures, but somehow they aren't making it from my camera to here. Maybe I can get caught up on adding pictures tonight.

For the girls on theknot who have May weddings drawing ever so close, (ever so quickly!!!) I think we need to take a day away from planning and relax. I feel like I should be finished planning by now, after all, I did start planning over a year ago. Once these invites go, it'll be all DIY decorations till the wedding! :)