Pearl's Place

I had a recommendation from the NC board on the knot to price check my dress at Pearl's Place. Since I found 'my dress' last weekend I thought I'd see if I could find it cheaper than the $713 they had it priced at Bridal Mart. My mother called for me while she was at work today and they have the dress for $200 cheaper! I'M THRILLED! I can't believe that it was that much cheaper! I might can afford the $150 veil that would look perfect with my dress from David's Bridal.
I'm beaming with excitement...


I am excited beyond belief to have found THE dress!

I went to David's Bridal in Winston yesterday and tried on some more dresses that were very similar to the DaVinci dress I fell in love with last weekend. There were a couple of dresses there that I really liked and I kept comparing them to the DaVinci dress. After I tried on so many dresses at David's Bridal, I couldn't remember a lot about the DaVinci so my mom and I drove 45 more minutes down to Bridal Mart so I could try on the DaVinci again! I knew as soon as I put it on, that this was my dress! I'm so excited to have this part of planning out of the way! I honestly thought it would take longer to find my dress than just the 3 trips I've made.

The price was set at $713 at Bridal Mart but I'm going to check out a few places that were recommended on the NC board on the knot to see if I can get it cheaper than that.

I don't want to post the pictures of the dress here in case someone might get a little nosey, but I posted a link on the NC board. I did try on a veil at David's Bridal that will match my dress perfectly, but it was $149, which I am not willing to spend. So I'm on the hunt for maybe a used one or something I can make!

Will You..BM Cards

I feel great about these.

Ran into Wal-Mart this morning and I was browsing the clearance aisles I found a pack of plain white cards & envelopes for $2.50. I decided (with the push from my good friend aMa) to buy them and make my "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" cards. Here's what I came up with.

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I didn't want anything too fancy, so these are perfect! I designed monograms for each of the female members of the bridal party and used those on the back of their cards. They will also be used for some other things later in the planning process. I changed what saying was put inside each card to fit the relationship I have with each girl and changed the fonts to suit the personalities of each girl. I am also going to line the envelopes with some pretty paper :) I'm proud of these little beauties.

UPDATE: So all of my girls except one have received their cards and have accepted :) I'm so excited, I have a BRIDAL PARTY! :)


I went Friday morning with my mother and finally tried on a couple of dresses. I tried on several dresses, some that were nice and some that were not so nice.
One was more of a straight dress...I can't really describe it, but I liked it ok. I liked it, but wasn't in love with it. I can't even remember what it looked like enough to find a picture that was similar to it.
The other was exactly like the dress below, only with a darker ivory where the pink/magenta is. It looked great on me (according to my mother), plus on sale for $300. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Once I tried on the five/six dresses, I wasn't nervous about it anymore and it also made me feel like the wedding is real! I can't wait to try on more now! This trip helped me decide a few things that I want in a dress:
* I heart Ivory dresses with my pale skin tone
* I heart dresses with straps
* I'm more open to a strapless after trying on the dress above
* I love a sweetheart neckline
That's more than I knew about the 'perfect' dress for me a week ago :)

Dress Forerunner

I'm not looking for anything too too fancy for my dress and so far, this one is definitely in my price range and is calling my name. We'll see how it goes when I actually try it on.

David's Bridal - VW9768

Wedding Dresses

So, I'm to the point in planning where I need to get to the bridal shops and start trying on dresses. I have NO IDEA where to start...seriously lost when it comes to this. I'm thinking that maybe I should start at David's Bridal since they have so many different styles to choose from and kind of narrow down a more specific idea of what I want?!? Maybe I can be brave and get something set up for Friday afternoon?! I really need to get on the ball with the dress search...