More Painting Down

Last night, my darling husband and I went to the house to paint away the evening and we did just that!
We finished the master bathroom and the kitchen! I can't tell you how in love I am with the color we picked for the kitchen. I can't descirbe it (other than it's the same color as a Hershey bar) and the pictures sure don't do it justice, but here she is.

litchen - valspar humboldt earth
It looked wonderful in the dark last night, but I'm sure it'll look totally different in the daylight. Our cabinets are a light wood (if I can find a picture, I'll post them) and are going to look beautiful in our brown kitchen!

Moving through the dining room & the master bedroom, you find your way to our newly painted master bathroom! It's a little more bright than we expected, but nonetheless, it's finished and hopefully my brown accents will help tone it down a little!

master bathroom - valspar surf spray

I included several different shots trying to get a good picture of the true color; I didn't achieve that! It's more bright in person but I'm ok with it and DH says, "It'll have to grown on me!"

That's all I have for you today...our painting is over for the week until Friday when I'm off from work. I'm hoping to get the 1/2 bath, dining room, & wash room painted Friday. After that, we'll be finished, unless we have to put a second coat in the living, guest, & master bedrooms...


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