Vendor Review

Alright everyone, here's my final vendor review. Our was DELICIOUS and we had MANY compliments about it! 

My vendor review for:

Linda Bolick


The only reason she doesn't get an A+ was because the cake went on the wrong table. We had one HUGE table that we wanted the gifts, card box, and cake on and I'm not sure if it was her or someone in the wedding party, but it was placed on the wrong table. One of my bridesmaids came in the room we were getting ready in and asked which table the cake was to go on and I specifically told them it went on the only table that didn't have a tablecloth. No big deal, no one even knew that it was wrong but me, so it really didn't matter. The only other complaint I had was that our cake topper wasn't pushed all the way into the cake and it looked pretty goofy! It wasn't a show stopper, but it did kind of take me by surprise.

Here's a picture from our photographer:


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